Monday, May 25, 2009

"Macorosh Melodia"

At last, it has arrived!
The singular track revived from the throes of Christmas, friends, I give you "The Paradox of Snow" [demo] off the Nude Productions Cmas EP "Ivory Shoes". This original composition was meant to go along with 3 covers of popular Christmas tunes as well as 1 other original track. The other ones we never finished due to our studio equipment becoming stolen. This 6 minute instrumental piece was composed by Kevin Diamant (a.k.a "Macorosh Melodia"). Share and enjoy!
Download the 192kbps version HERE
Download the 320kbps version HERE

Kevin Diamant: Piano, Violin, Synths, Bass.
Sam .F: Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Mixing, Mastering.
Snow falls. The sky is grey, and sullenly glares
With purple lights in the canyoned street.
The fiery sign on the dark tower wreathes and flares . . .
The trodden grass in the park is covered with white,
The streets grow silent beneath our feet . . .
The city dreams, it forgets its past to-night.

And one, from his high bright window looking down
Over the enchanted whiteness of the town,
Seeing through whirls of white the vague grey towers,
Desires like this to forget what will not pass,
The littered papers, the dust, the tarnished grass,
Grey death, stale ugliness, and sodden hours.
Deep in his heart old bells are beaten again,
Slurred bells of grief and pain,
Dull echoes of hideous times and poisonous places.
He desires to drown in a cold white peace of snow.
He desires to forget a million faces . . .

In one room breathes a woman who dies of hunger.
The clock ticks slowly and stops. And no one winds it.
In one room fade grey violets in a vase.
Snow flakes faintly hiss and melt on the window.
In one room, minute by minute, the flutist plays
The lamplit page of music, the tireless scales.
His hands are trembling, his short breath fails.

In one room, silently, lover looks upon lover,
And thinks the air is fire.
The drunkard swears and touches the harlot's heartstrings
With the sudden hand of desire.

And one goes late in the streets, and thinks of murder;
And one lies staring, and thinks of death.
And one, who has suffered, clenches her hands despairing,
And holds her breath . . .

Who are all these, who flow in the veins of the city,
Coil and revolve and dream,
Vanish or gleam?
Some mount up to the brain and flower in fire.
Some are destroyed; some die; some slowly stream.

And the new are born who desire to destroy the old;
And fires are kindled and quenched; and dreams are broken,
And walls flung down . . .
And the slow night whirls in snow over towers of dreamers,
And whiteness hushes the town.
-Conrad Aiken

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nude Productions is back on line and rolling tape...err...hard disks.I'm in an FD home now with a nice studio to work in, so expect older Family songs redone, instrumentals, and NEW TRACKS are on their way. Since the completion of this kiddy keys project, I'm going to be able to spend a lot more time recording music that I enjoy. There has been a shift in the music that I have been and will be producing, and a lot of my old music habits have been dropped. To some this may be good news, to others bad...but I just wanted you all to know that...


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas EP News UPDATE!!!

NP will be releasing a Christmas EP with both original and traditional music over the next week or so. All music will be 100% instrumental, no vocals. Aside from myself, it will feature Peter (from the Metanoya) on guitar and Kevin Diamant on piano. I will put a ":arrow:" next to a song when it is completed, and will post the links as they are released.

The tracks that are projected are (T for traditional, O for Original):

T, style: Rock Orchestra--- Carol of the Bells/We Three Kings
T style: Guitar and Piano--- Silent Night
O style: Rock Orchestra--- Ivory Queen (And the Paradox of Snow) :arrow:
T: style; Guitar and Piano--- Noel
O: style: Blues--- Willy Winterlike

Have a merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NP Christmas EP

Now that I have a snazzy little firewire mixer and a laptop, I will be able to record wherever I go.
So, in whichever place I am residing I will be reording an EP of Christmas instrumental music in my freetime. Depending on where I am, and which other musicians' talents I will have access to, the music style will vary. I have recorded an instrumental song with Kevin Diamant (14 yrs) who lives down in Amistad. He plays killer piano, and the song that we recorded was one of his original compositions titled "Ivory Shoes (and the Queen of Snow)" which will be availible in the upcoming Nude Productions feature album. He would be my choice of piano player for this Christmas Special EP album.

And, no, I have not given up work on the feature album that I have promised to so many for so long, but it has YET AGAIN been put on hold until I can settle into an FD home. But do begin to expect a pretty steady flow of singles from the beginning of December until the album is released. stay happy, everyone! Love you all!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nude Productions Album UPDATE!!!

Okay well, I told a lot of people that an album would be coming out soon from Nude Productions, and this is still partly least the part about it coming out...don't know how soon still. Anyways, I have about 6 songs so far of which only 1 is totally completed. The main focus for this album has changed recently as I have more pending projects (WS stuff) to work on. So now this album will be of wide variety, styles including:
Punk, hard rock, Metal, Alternative, Instrumental Rock, Slow stuff, etc...A little bit of everything for everyone.

Right now I'm waiting on a few more demos to come in from my main songwriter(Steve Gilb) and some bass tracks for a few other songs. I am aiming for 10 songs total for this album, and will really appreciate your prayers and any support you have to give. If you have any songs you would like me to produce with this album ,send me a demo and I'll see what we can do. This project has been a lot of fun, and is turning out pretty good so far...but as I said before, it's a side thing...totally spare time type stuff. I am also working on a name for this album as the other on I had has been taken by a more recent the option you like for a Nude Productions Album. and comment below

Witty Nude And The Ambience
Joyful Nude
Above Certified
Nude Dimension
NAKED truth
Nude Zenith
Nude Necessity
The Nudist's Handbook
Nude in the Lime Light
Decrusted Nude Of The Focusing Harvest

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Naked Truth

Check out my swellish, PAINT skills in this wallpaper...I had a few sapre minutes last night, and I slapped this together. Best viewed on 1440x900 resolution. HAIYA! (Right Click and save Link as or Save Picture as)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

3rd F.I.M.V "New Generation" S.O.E band

Here's another F.I.M.V for you to make use of. Song is by the Family Band "Salt of Earth" Cheers!